Errata for the Lenten Triodion (Mother Mary and Kallistos Ware)

This page contains errata for the Lenten Triodion, St Tikhon’s Seminary Press, 2002. Reprint of the edition published in 1978 by Faber and Faber Ltd. Translated by Mother Mary and Archimandrite (now Metropolitan) Kallistos Ware.

ERROR Page 100, middle The Theotokion “We sing thy praises” is incorrect (it is the Dismissal Theotokion in Tone 3). The correct Theotokion should be “Through the divine Spirit” (the Aposticha Theotokion in Tone 3).

ERROR Page 113, middle The Theotokion “THe mystery hidden from all ages” is incorrect (it is the Dismissal Theotokion in Tone 4). The correct Theotokion should be “Mercifully regard the supplications” (the Aposticha Theotokion in Tone 4).

ERROR Page 148, top Following the hymn “For the dead”, the second Necrosimon of Tone 7 has been omitted. Its text is as follows: “O Life-giver, our Savior, give rest to our brethren, whom Thou hast translated from things transitory, and who cry aloud: O Lord, glory be to Thee.”

ERROR Page 148, middle In the section “Tone Eight”, stichera to the Martyrs at Lord, I have cried, the first sticheron of this set has been omitted. The text of this first sticheron is: “O martyrs of the Lord, ye hallow every place, and ye heal every disease; and now intercede, we pray, for our souls to be delivered from the snares of the enemy.”