Errata for the Lenten Triodion Supplement (Mother Mary and Kallistos Ware)

This page contains errata for the Lenten Triodion Supplementary Texts, St Tikhon’s Seminary Press, 2007. Reprint of the edition published in 1979 by the Monastery of the Veil, Bussy-en-Othe, France. Translated by Mother Mary and Archimandrite (now Metropolitan) Kallistos Ware.

OMISSION Page 52, top The text of Ode 9 of the second Three-Ode Canon has been omitted. This text is not available in modern Greek liturgical sources, but may be found in the Slavonic.

Below we provide this text translated from Church Slavonic by Reader Isaac Lambertsen and posted here with his permission. A hard copy of this text may be found in the resource “Lenten Triodion & Pentecostarion Supplementary Texts” published by [[|St John of Kronstadt Press]].

Ode IX

Irmos: Foreign to mothers is virginity…

We bow down before Thy wounds, O Bestower of life, having thereby been delivered from the passions of sin and come to know that we have been sealed by Thy precious Cross for our salvation and as an aid against every assault of the enemy.

O most Merciful One, Who of Thine own will wast crucified for the salvation of all, with the effulgence of Thy Cross illumine the souls of those who hymn Thy sufferings, and direct and guide our life to the [right] path.

We have sinned, violating Thy commandments, O Savior Who lovest mankind, and through indifference we have wandered far away from the path of Thy divine precepts; yet recall our souls from falsehood, O Compassionate One.

Glory: Praise, honor and glory are due the Trinity as the sole Dominion, the sole Kingship, the worshipful Unity of the Godhead, unconfused, indivisible, inseparable in essence, continually magnified.

Now & ever: In that Thou art merciful, be Thou moved to mercy by the supplications of Thy most pure Mother, O most compassionate King of glory, when Thou comest to judge Thy servants; for we all believe in Thee, and we know Thee to be God.

Glory to Thee, our God, glory to Thee!

The splendid fast which now cometh upon us doth comprise a banquet of ascetic feats set forth before [us]; wherefore, O ye faithful, with sobriety let us all take up the honored cup of cleansing tears, that we may not be tormented by inconsolable weeping in [hades].

Katavasia: Foreign to mothers is virginity, and strange is childbirth to virgins; yet both were accomplished in thee, O Theotokos. Wherefore, all of us, the peoples of the world, magnify thee unceasingly.

OMISSION Page 62, middle There is an additional Sessional Hymn in the Slavonic Triodion which has been omitted from the LTS. It is appointed to be chanted before the other Sessional Hymns after Ode 3. The following translation of this Sessional Hymn from Slavonic has been provided by Daniel Olson:

Sessional Hymn, Tone 4, Melody: Go Thou quickly before us

Christ, as the Sun of righteousness, sent you forth as rays enlightening the earth, O holy teachers; wherefore, with the divine light of the knowledge of God, O divinely blessed ones, through your godly intercessions, illumine my soul which hath been darkened by evil.

ERROR Page 217, top “When the Virgin Mother saw Thee raised upon the Cross” should read “When Thy Virgin Mother saw Thee raised upon the Cross”

Rationale: the Slavonic reads безневѣ́стнаѧ мт҃и твоѧ̀

and the Greek reads ἡ ἄνυμφος Μήτηρ σου.