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Orthodox Liturgical Books in English

Liturgical Texts in Church Slavonic | Liturgical Texts in Greek

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has left many parishioners homebound, we are providing here the necessary liturgical books in English in PDF format to facilitate liturgical services at home.

Hieraticon and Euchologion

Service Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic (Greco-Russian) Church (Translation of Isabel Florence Hapgood)

Priest's Service Book (Translation of Archbishop Dimitry (Royster))

Book of Needs of the Holy Orthodox Church (Translation of G. V. Shann)

We're looking for someone to scan the four volume Great Book of Needs published by St. Tikhon's Press. If you can help, please contact us.

Psalter and Horologion

The Coverdale Psalter for Orthodox Worship (public domain)

The Psalter of the Prophet and King David according to the Septuagint (translated by Michael Asser)

The Holy Psalter: The Psalms of David from the LXX (translation of Archimandrite Lazarus Moore; warning: 57.8 MB; same thing in DOC format)

More versions of the Psalter in English may be found here.

The Unabbreviated Horologion (Book of the Hours) (translation of Rassaphore Monk Lawrence)

See also: Horologion texts in English (Translation of Rassaphore Monk Lawrence) Supplements: Biblical Odes in different redactions | Supplicatory Canons to the Theotokos


Sunday Octoechos (Translation of Nicholas Orloff)

Weekday Octoechos (Translation of Mother Mary)

Complete Octoechos (Translation of Isaac E. Lambertsen)
Tone 1 | Tone 2 | Tone 3 | Tone 4 | Tone 5 | Tone 6 | Tone 7 | Tone 8


General Menaion (Translation of Nicholas Orloff) | General Menaion (Translator unknown, compiled by John A. Peck)

Festal Menaion (Translation of Mother Mary and Metropolitan Kallistos)

Monthly Menaion (Translation of Isaac E. Lambertsen)
September | October | November | December | January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | Appendices

Triodion and Pentecostarion

Lenten Triodion (Translation of Metropolitan Callistos and Mother Mary)
See also: Errata for Lenten Triodion

Lenten Triodion Supplementary Texts (Translation of Metropolitan Callistos and Mother Mary)
See also: Errata and Addenda for Lenten Triodion Supplement

Pentecostarion (Translation of Isaac E. Lambertsen)
See also: Errata for the Pentecostarion

Liturgical Manuals

Order of Divine Services (by Peter Fekula and Matthew Williams) (2nd edition, revised) (1997 edition)

Patronal Feast Chapters of the Typicon (Translation of Aleksandr Andreev)

Rubrics for Alleluia services during Minor Fasts (Translation of Aleksandr Andreev)