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Ponomar [po-nuh-mar] - [Russian, a corruption of the Church Slavonic Paramonar, from Greek Paramonarios - adjunct, gate-keeper] - In the Orthodox Church, a person charged with ringing the bells, singing on the kliros, and assisting the clergy during services.

The Ponomar Project is a comprehensive, multi-lingual project to use modern technology to study, document, and assist in participating in the rich liturgical life of the Orthodox Church.

Ponomar Project Goals and Philosophy
Goals: Our goals are to develop fully-configurable software that assembles liturgical offices, and provides other liturgical information, as well as other tools for working with liturgical texts and liturgical music in a wide variety of languages and computer formats (read more >>)
Accomplishments: So far we have developed a Perpetual Menologion, a Library of liturgical texts and a multilingual Library search engine. We have are also developing standards and fonts for Church Slavonic and tools for working with Liturgical Music (read more >>)
Philosophy: At Ponomar, we believe that liturgical information ought to be: FREE, PORTABLE, FLEXIBLE (read more >>)